Monday, August 13, 2012

Harry Lyon's anti-gay Facebook rant Part 2

So, if you haven't read the Part 1 to this southern political saga... you're missing quite a bit. Including the screenshots of this Chief Justice candidate spewing his bigotry all over his Facebook.

We spent the weekend trying to decide whether Harry Lyon was drunk or if he's just sincerely backfuck insane. We've concluded the latter.

This evening a local newspaper reported on this batshittery.
Lyon in trouble over Facebook comments
MONTGOMERY — An Alabama Democratic Party official on Monday said chief justice nominee Harry Lyon has complied with finance disclosure reporting requirements, but still can be removed as a candidate for remarks about gays and gay marriage he posted on Facebook, among other statements.
Luckily, our Party Chairman Mark Kennedy, isn't a bigot and has scheduled a Friday hearing before the State Democratic Executive Committee to consider his candidacy.

Lyon's response to this news,
“This is the excuse they’re going to use to remove me,” he said. “I’m going to tell them I agree with every one of these principles and they can come and cross-examine me (on) what I put on my Facebook page.”
No backtracking for this man! He stands firm by his hate! In fact, runs his campaign on it. He did attempt to delete some of the more venomous posts, but apparently he doesn't realize that damage control in this century is a full-time job now that the Internet exists. We've got all the screenshots. Lolz.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Alabama Democrat Harry Lyon anti-gay Facebook rant

UPDATES 2:12am: Harry Lyon doubles down. After posting anti-gay tripe on his Facebook wall, Harry Lyon comes back to find people outraged. He then proceeds to take his shameful rhetoric to a whole new level of nauseating. Proceed with caution should you have just eaten. 

Original post below.
Somehow or another, the position of Alabama Chief Justice attracts the batshittiest batshit our state has to offer. See: Roy Moore. See also: Harry Lyon. 

These are our options. Roy Moore (R) and Harry Lyon (D). You've probably heard of Roy Moore and his 10 Commandment monument. But I bet you've never heard of Democrat Harry Lyon. 

Alabama! Where Republicans are Republicans and Democrats are....Republicans. 

(Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the following rage-inducing bigotry, JFFF is not responsible for damages to desk, keyboard or the reader's head as you may find yourself /headdesking uncontrollably at the following unabashed bigotry from a candidate.)

Today Harry wrote...

OH but WAIT... there's more!
"In 2004, Lyon ran for mayor of Pelham as Harry “Low Carb” Lyon. Lisa Osburn of the Birmingham News, June 30, 2004:
Lyon said all overweight city employees would receive a 10 percent salary reduction and must come within the American Medical Association’s weight guidelines within one year or face termination.
“The fat people of Pelham need to shape up or ship out. Let’s face it, the fact is that fat people are ugly and disgusting to look at as much as is traffic congestion and wasteful spending by our city government.” [Lyon] wrote [in his campaign literature]."

"He created a stir — and prompted calls by the Rev. Al Sharpton for his removal from the Democratic primary ballot — when he told the Montgomery Advertiser in 2006 that he would sponsor legislation requiring illegal immigrants to leave Alabama in 90 days or face a public hanging.

“It would only take 5 or 10 getting killed and broadcast on CNN for it to send a clear message to not set foot in Alabama,” Lyon said. “Anybody that breaks into my home is a threat to my life. I remember the Alamo.”

If you'd like to see this breed of batshit in its own environment you can find him here... you may notice his page is public, so comments are welcome!



"I hope the devil rapes your asshole" and other things Tea Party members say.

Tea Party actor and "activist" Alfonzo Rachel posted this picture on his Facebook page last week.

So I thought I would attempt to explain in a calm rational way... until I read the comments and decided to respond in the most dickheaded(honest) way fucking possible.
This guy wore a shirt that MOST liberals wouldn't wear. He wore a shirt that MOST liberals would EVEN go as far as to consider inappropriate. What he did NOT do is threaten you. He DID NOT laugh at jokes about physical violence towards you. Yet you allow people to do exactly that in your comment section. Here... I saved the screen shots for you... even though I'm fairly certain you've seen them.

This last person admits that this is the most hateful thing he's seen from liberals... and you guys beat it in the comments section! 

Maybe you need to take an inventory of your followers before you make a post about who hates who. Death and eternal torture to those who wear unfavorable t-shirts!!

Eat Moar Crow!


Monday, August 6, 2012

[VIDEO] Death/Rape threats Grand Rapids Gay Day

[UPDATE Aug. 7]
Good job, internet! There are lots of articles out on this now. Thanks everyone who voiced concerns. 


Horrendous death/rape threats by protesters of Gay Day 2012 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Warning: This video is vile and disturbing.

The person who posted this on YouTube who was there said, "The police were called to the scene by me and told me directly they 'can't do anything.'"

I just have no words for this sickening display. If you feel like voicing a complaint perhaps it would help...

Grand Rapids, MI Police Chief Kevin Belk 616-456-3364.

There's also the city's Facebook page, which posting on might cause enough embarrassment/outrage for them to act

Grand Rapids Police Department Facebook:

City of Grand Rapids Twitter page:

Grand Rapids WZZM13 News Facebook

WZZM13 News submit a story



Sunday, August 5, 2012

Poor Persecuted Christian Vol. 1: What Fox News isn't telling you

On THIS episode of "Poor Persecuted Christian" we find an Arizona man Michael Salman who was arrested for holding bible studies in his home. The sessions hosted as many as 80 people on his property, which he attempted to claim as a tax-exempt church. Alright, say it with me, all together now... "Poor Michael!"

A few quotes from the Fox News article would lead you to believe that he's being arrested for merely worshipping in his home.

"He and his family believe he has the right to worship at home on his private property. 
"His wife, Suzanne Salman, said her husband's constitutional rights have been violated.'Christians deserve the right to gather at their homes privately just like every other American has the right to gather for their reasons,' she told"

Right because this is obviously about WHAT they were gathering for and not that they were holding regular assemblies in a residential area without the appropriate permits and without adhering to safety codes. Unfortunately for your "poor American Christian" act, they're not persecuting you for your religion, they're punishing you for breaking the law.

According to sources that aren't Fox News there is quite a bit more to this story. One important bit that's conveniently left out is that, "noise and traffic from the gatherings prompted regular complaints from neighbors."

Though he wishes it were true so he and his wife could scream persecution, he wasn't thrown in jail for being a Christian. Here's a thought, how about instead of holding onto this mentality that you're above the law simply because you're busy worshipping the "right" god perhaps it would be a better use of your time to follow the law, pay your fine, and get a damn permit just like every other American who has "the right to gather for their reasons." Contrary to popular belief, your Christianity doesn't make you immune to the laws everyone is required to follow. You're not entitled to some "it's ok I'm with God" pass.

Oh but WAIT Michael actually IS above the law..."In 1994, Salman had filed paperwork (document that showed up on the county recorder's Web site) claiming that he belonged to the Embassy of God. That meant, the document claimed, that he didn't need to follow United States law."

Well THIS changes everything, except that it doesn't.... not even a little bit. Yeah I bet he does wish he weren't required to follow United States law... seeing as how he spent 6 years in prison already for aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon when he fired five rounds from a .38 special into a home and later faced more trouble with the law (after he was "born again") for impersonating an officer.

You can find the comprehensive story reported at Phoenix New Times.

Moral of the story: Having "pastor" before your name doesn't waive the requirement to not break the law. The sooner you come to terms with this, the sooner you can quit spending so much time behind bars. Poor Michael.