Friday, December 30, 2011


This girl makes me smile.

And the responses to her post make me homicidal...

I should mention that these are what it devolved into after discussing how they'd like to fuck her and then realizing she's 15..

This is not a socially awkward invite to coffee. These are invitations of rape to a young girl, who I can only hope doesn't judge the entire movement by the idiots on reddit. Though I can't say I blame her if she does.

If you give two shits about the movement and the advancement of reason, the first thoughts when a kid posts a pic of the amazing book she got should be of how awesome this kid is for reading Carl Sagan and how the future looks brighter because of kids like her. And not how you'd rape her given the chance.

Nothing about her post warranted such a response. She was not being moronic, she was not posting pics of her tits and then asking you not to sexualize her. Her post should have generated nothing but positive replies from any serious activists. I can only assume that these idiot commenters were either A. Idiots. B. Inbred hillbillies reminiscent of the character in the book I almost finished but didn't because it was just too bleak ("Child of God" by Cormac McCarthy).

Being offensive towards something deserving of ridicule is one thing... directly threatening violence and rape to a minor is an entirely different story that deserves so much more than people blogging vehemently about it.

We stand with those whom we frequently disagree with, who pointed this out for what it is.... disgusting.


To the decent atheists that are reading this:
I am a woman that has attended several atheist conferences as an attendee and as a speaker on a panel... and I have never had an uncomfortable experience(other than a hangover) at one of these events. I strongly advise not letting a few idiots, masked by the anonymity of reddit, dissuade you from attending. I should also note that the gender ratio in the group I attend is pretty even... so don't assume it will be a sausage fest at any event just because some of the popular bloggers' groups are.

To Lunam:
Enjoy the book... It's my third favorite book on the planet! A wonderful guide for fighting off charlatans and putting an end to hokum.


  1. I saw this post, and didn't think much of it until it got turned into a shitstorm. Then I went back and downvoted every hurtful comment I saw. I did, however, find myself somewhat torn between my utter disgust at the comments and my relucance to side with Watson on something.

  2. Yeah I hate the way Watson and Co. go about this shit, but there's no denying this was fucked up.

  3. This is wholly different territory than Watson. You'd think with the comments representing the norm, Watson had a point. She only does if you go about your day with "I'm a victim" ruining your posture. As to the reddit comments... "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that."
    George Carlin

  4. There's no evidence that most of these were left by atheist members of the community, since it made it outside the atheist reddit subsection. I agree that the comments are vile, but this looks like typical juvenile internet trolling. I've certainly never encountered anything of the sort at an atheist or skeptic conference. To reach the conclusion "All/most/many atheists are sexists" from this incident is too hasty. As everywhere else, some are and some aren't. But certainly, there's less sexism in atheism than there is in any blue collar bar. At least from my anecdotal experience (but I can't prove this).

    Also, mentioning your anus in an OP online, among complete strangers, is not a good idea, whether you're male or female. But the girl was only 15 and certainly didn't deserve what she got. It was truly revolting, and she seems bright and charming. I wish her all the best.