Sunday, January 22, 2012

Awesome atheists visit Alabama

We went to Tuscaloosa yesterday for a lecture from three AMAZING contributors to the Atheist/Skeptical movements. JT Eberhard, Jessica Ahlquist, and Duncan Henderson... and they did not disappoint. I have to admit though, the highlight of my night did not come from the lectures but from JT's impromptu performance of "Schadenfreude" by Avenue Q in the restaurant we ate at. I will try to post the videos from the lectures as soon as they're posted so that you can enjoy the awesomeness too! It was wonderful seeing some of my North Alabama Freethought Association friends and meeting some new friends from the other groups. Here are some pictures of Jesusfetusfajitafishsticks with some amazing people.

Also, I want to say.... We didn't get our picture with Duncan because all of the speakers seemed very, very tired... and we had the pleasure of meeting him at a Tim Minchin concert... see.


  1. hey man i'm in 'bama too. awesome to see some reasonable people in our state!