Friday, January 13, 2012

Police investigate threats to Ahlquist!

I'm sure you'll all be relieved to know that the police are taking the threats toward Jessica very seriously and some students have already received disciplinary action.

Cranston school officials said they are working with police to help protect the teen. NBC 10 has learned that one Cranston public school student has been disciplined because of an online post.

"Police and school personnel are definitely cracking down on it. They see the effects of it and they will take legal action against it," said Amanda Hannon of Stop Bullying Now RI.

And another here. (Thanks Practical Doubt for the link!)

Also, if you'd like to support her, Jessica has a college scholarship fundraiser!

For specifics I point you to Hemant at the Friendly Atheist again. :)



  1. Glad to hear she's receiving security. It's insane what those insane ignorant fools are saying about her.

  2. I was afraid the local police would shrug it off. It's good to know they're following up.

  3. Thanks to the organisers of the scholarship for this remarkable young lady.

  4. RI State Rep Palumbo just called her an "evil little thing"!/jessicaahlquist/status/158555919830106112

  5. While I am very disappointed in the manner to which her community is responding to her actions, I really have to question starting a scholarship fund for her. Hundreds if not thousands of other people take stands and actions similar to her without the media blitz. Where are their scholarship funds?

    1. If you feel that there is justification to start a scholarship fund for someone, then do it. Or you could just bitch. Personally I think this girl has gone through enough pain at the hands of vicious christians that she deserves something nice in her life.

      Or, maybe "God" did it. Nah, more likely it was a bunch of evil atheists looking out for the downtrodden.