Sunday, April 29, 2012

[VOICEMAIL] Death threats. Dear Persecuted Christian, listen up.

Let's compare and contrast, shall we? Come on, this will be fun!

The "persecuted" Christian often claims persecution when atheists point out that religion is dangerous to a person's mental well-being and detrimental to society.

The "persecuted" Christian often claims persecution when atheists are concerned that perhaps they were brainwashed or bribed or forced to abandon who they are in hopes of finding "salvation."

The "persecuted" Christian often claims persecution when atheists point out that using the PA system at public school events to blare their prayers to Jesus to a captive audience is illegal.

The "persecuted" Christian often claims persecution when atheists point out all the special privileges they're granted simply for believing in the most popular nonsense.

The "persecuted" Christian often claims persecution when atheists point out that there is zero evidence for their beliefs.

The "persecuted" Christian sees honesty as persecution. The "persecuted" Christian sees criticism as persecution. The "persecuted" Christian requires "respect" in the form of atheists patronizing them... for example, "Yes all opinions are equal and all are deserving of respect." No. If I respect you, I'll treat you like an adult, not a child who doesn't understand that criticism is a good thing. Adults can differentiate between personal attacks and criticism. If you are in fact so childish that you are incapable of telling these two apart, then that is your fault. Not mine. I treat people I respect as adults. Your religion isn't off limits. Your religion enjoys heaps of special privileges and it won't receive any additional privileges from me.

Now let's take a look at what actual persecution looks like.

Blair Scott, communications director of American Atheists, recently received this lovely email overflowing with Christian love:
"thanks for letting us know that all of you will be in the same place at the same time......
the minute you step to speake, a 30 30 round will be put in your head, and then you will meet the satan and demons of hell that you do not believe in.................dave however, will be taken and tortured for weeks till he crys out for 'god' to save him,,,,,,see you there..........bye, bye
DONT FUCK WITH ME you dumbass fuckin idiot.........................................///
hope you enjoy hell - thats where your going.
how many times did your mother drop you on your head ?
go back to your psychiatrist and start taking your 'haldol' again////////// you need it."
And then there's this... a voicemail Blair also received from this same idiot...

This is what persecution looks like. He and Dave (Dave Silverman, president of American Atheists) have been personally threatened with bullets to the head and torture. Why? Because they're atheists. Because they don't share a belief in the nonsense that this guy does. Because they're leaders of the atheist movement.

So the next time you play the persecuted Christian card, maybe you should reconsider your idea of persecution. Oh, someone criticized your religion on your Facebook status? Why don't you tell me all about how hard it is to be a Christian in America... go ahead... explain to me and Blair and Dave and people like Jessica Ahlquist how hard it is being the majority. I'm sure it's lonely in that enormous walk-in closet full of over half the population and nearly every member of congress. I'm sure. It's hard. You fear for your LIFE on a daily basis I'm sure. Poor thing. You must surely wear bullet proof vests when you speak at your church. You must surely have to have a police escort to your high school classes. Right? Don't you? I'm sure.

Forgive me if I feel zero sympathy for your idiotic whines. 



  1. I just tweeted the article. We just formed a sect of the Student Secular Alliance in north Alabama in the middle of the bible belt. We are dealing with this same ignorant bias and we will continue to protest until it stops. My heart goes out to all of my fellow human beings that are subjected to these atrocities and wanted you all to know we're behind you and we'll stay there no matter what. Stand your ground and keep up the fight and we'll be here when you need us.

  2. Congrats on forming another branch of SSA! We're also in AL, friend us! And if there's anything we can do for you too, don't hesitate to ask.

  3. Why not put this guys email address out there and let the athiest letter writing campaign begin. It'd be fun to turn a fundie tactic back on them.

  4. One of my "favorite" dumbass things Christians say.

    Related: "It's so hard to be a Christian these days." I am never sure whether that's a persecution complaint or just a complaint about how hard it is to abide by the ass-backwards moral code Christianity teaches. If the former, then see the absolutely wonderful rant above; I can't improve on it. (Though it might be time for "Open Letter to Christians #3.") If the whining crybaby, I mean "fine upstanding Christian," means the latter--it's hard to live a Christian life--then my response is this: how about ditching the bullshit and living your life by rules that actually enhance your life, shithead?